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MK Medical Solutions, LLC

Experienced healthcare operations consulting for tomorrow's changing World


To provide clarity in changing healthcare and removing stigmas from beneficial health methodologies so that providers can put the focus back on patient care.


By leveraging tactical and collaborative leadership and experience, we guide health systems to work better for everyone.

Healthcare Operations

Our Experience

MK Medical Solutions, LLC was started by Margarita Khosh, MBA, LSSGB. Ms. Khosh obtained her MBA in Healthcare from Florida International University. She is a transformational executive with over twenty years of experience optimizing healthcare and managed care operations, building long-term relationships and securing tactful negotiations. She has spearhead managed care operations for the largest OBGYN MSO in the country as well as mental health services provider organization with a national footprint. Most recently,  she has piloted the development and implementation of a new pediatric rehabilitation program specializing in Developmental Disabilities in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Margarita has also attained several Global Healthcare Administration Certifications, upon traveling to a dozen countries in Asia, Middle East and Western Europe where she analyzed healthcare systems and policy of healthcare institutions and governmental bodies. 

With the continued success of the consulting practice, other seasoned healthcare professionals were recruited who have an extensive clinical knowledge in hospitals, provider enrollment, EMR/EHR, incentive programs and performance metrics.  Together, the MK Medical Solutions team works to deliver success and growth to organizations in the ever-changing health care reform environment. We help you put the focus back on the patients, minimize financial losses and formulate patient centered delivery models. Our approach provides a custom solution that provides clarity in today's ever-changing healthcare. 

Our Approach

We are passionate about improving healthcare by helping providers, regulators and payers through a collaborative effort. Our proven track record with leading healthcare organizations has enhanced product strategy, network development, and EMR integration makes MK Medical Solutions, LLC the ideal consulting firm for your challenges.  Our managed care operations capabilities increase profitability for multi-state physician practices and non-profit startups. We specialize in HMOs, performance improvements, compliance, auditing, Medicare, National MMA, and the National Market Place. 

Our service includes a consultation to help you identify gaps, opportunities for improvement, and a comprehensive project report that includes detailed analysis results, objective and recommendations.  Contact us today to find out  how we will provide you with clarity in changing healthcare.