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MK Medical Solutions, LLC

Experienced healthcare operations consulting for tomorrow's changing World

Explaining insurance and patient responsibility with  compassion, experience,  and understanding.

How we help patients

MK Medical Solutions, LLC understands that navigating today's healthcare market is a lengthy and tedious process that can prove costly without the right guidance. Therefore, we will help you make sense of your benefits, claims, and patient responsibility so that you can focus what is important to you because your time is valuable.

We provide personalized patient driven solutions that stem from knowledge obtained in diverse domestic and  international  sectors including hospitals, regulatory bodies, health insurance companies, private practices, and medical billing offices. 

Our Services Include:

Patient Representative

Billing & Collections 

Benefits & Eligibility

Claim Resolutions

In-Network & Out-Of-Network 

Specific Diagnosis & Condition Driven Coverage 

Primary & Secondary Coverage

Policies, Regulation and Compliance

Payment Arrangements



We work with your billing vendor to investigate the claim, appeal it on your behalf if applicable, and set up an affordable payment arrangement.

Patient Cost


We will educate you on your healthcare coverage and explain the difference between deductible, co-payment, co-insurance, and other factors influencing your cost. 

Billing Understanding


We possess the skills and experience needed to resolve your medically financial concerns because your time is valuable.