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The core principles guiding our every decision are 

Compliance,  Compassion, Experience, Innovation, and Understanding.

Consulting Specialists in Credentialing, Provider Enrollment & AthenaHealth

Our Knowledge


MK Medical Solutions, LLC provides personalized in-house healthcare operations services that stem from diverse healthcare sectors including hospitals, MSOs,  SNFs and private practices as well as EMRs both domestically and internationally.  From front-desk operations to RCM, we deliver solutions.

How We Work


Our  team of specialized seasoned healthcare industry professionals are dedicated to resolving each client's unique challenges. Where you see tribulation, we transcend operational challenges through a seasoned, comprehensive, and individualized  contingency plan to ensure  success of your practice.

Helping You Succeed


In today's ever-changing healthcare environment, we understand that the challenges faced by our clients  vary daily. This is why we excel at providing clarity by 

helping you make sense of credentialing, contracting, compliance, and office operations so that you can focus on delivery of care.

AthenaHealth Support

AthenaHealth continues to dominate the industry as the leading EHR vendor for physician practices. The cloud base system offers a wide verity of platforms suited to efficiently operate a healthcare practice while minimizing overhead cost. While the services offered in the EHR, medical billing, RCM management and patient communication are superior, we also understand that the long term scaling and operations that stem from maintaining the system may be challenging and costly for physician practices. 

That is why  we excel at supporting your operational needs concerning effectively maintaining and implementing clinical templates, clinical inbox, health care records, incentive programs, billing, payer enrollment table, enrollment tasks,  claim holds, claims management, revenue cycle dashboard, customized reporting, patient communication, manager hold, and other factors associated with athenaCollector, athenaClinicals and athenaCommunicator. 

Talk to us today to find out how we can provide you with clarity and support your operational success.